Private customers

Trustee services for private customers

We offer you trustee services all around working and living. It is crucial for us that you feel well-advised and accompanied with us. That is why our trustees are committed to your business and try to provide services above customers expectations.

Specially for Expatriates and Inpatriates

We are the right partner for expatriates and inpatriates. We speak German, English and French and know the special requirements for your tax declaration. Your person of contact will escort you throughout all upcoming residential questions. More about our tax services for Expats.


Complete and accurate accounting is important for private persons and simple partnerships to aid them in budgeting for the subsequent year and as basis for the tax declaration.
As experienced trustees, we advise you on all matters relating to your accounting. We would be pleased to provide you with complete and accurate bookkeeping.

Completion of the tax declaration

What do I need to register and where? What deductions are allowed? Do I need to declare inheritance?
Completing the annual Swiss tax return can become a challenge and is often done in the last moment.
As experienced trustees, we advise you on all questions regarding your tax declaration. We will fill out the tax return for you and submit all documents to the tax authorities in full and on time. Our experts know all possibilities of potential tax deductions and minimize your tax burden.

Support for financial planning

Clarification of financial opportunities and a corresponding planning makes sense for private persons and simple partnerships. Would you like to make an acquisition? Have you inherited and would like to buy a property with the money?
As experienced trustees, we advise you on budget and finance issues. We clarify financing options for your project and actively assist you with the procurement of borrowed funds.

Our Services

  • Accounting and taxation
  • Legal advice
  • Review of employment/insurance contracts
  • Communication with authorities and contractors
  • Completing formalities
  • Accompanying and representing with authorities
  • Provision of suitable properties

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